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How to win at Fire Joker

If you are a connoisseur of classic slot machines, then you know which strategies should be used to get the maximum number of prize coins. In this article you will know how to win the Fire Joker 123 slot machine. After all, it is endowed with a few unusual options.

Having listened to these advices, you can increase the chances of winning. Be sure to review all the information provided, and then run the slot to apply these methods in a real game play. You may also study the tip of the tester. The specialist left his recommendations and uncovered some secrets, so you can be sure that increasing profits is easy. Be sure to study the article and become the owner of big awards.

Revocation of the tester

When choosing a slot for the game, you need to know all its features. The secrets of the Fire Joker slot machine are hidden in the choice of the optimal bet. It is recommended to put on the spin no more than 50 credits, and then you will be able to spend a lot of time following the rotation of the reels and return all the bets made. But remember that the slot has a long cycle, so you’ll have to make over 500 spins to win.

Please note that the rate is always 500 times less than the bankroll

The tactics of the optimal bet also affect the bonuses that you can get. The more spins you make, playing at the same rate, the higher the probability of running all the bonus options. By the way, the Re-spin option is activated quite often and brings worthy winnings. But in the main game you will not get such rewards that the bonus game can give. Considering all the recommendations, as well as controlling the bankroll, the chances of winning will be increased several times.
Statistics of wins and bonuses in the slot Fire Joker

Fire Joker slot machine
Volatility – 5 of 20 (average).
Dispersion in the slot is average.
The cycle length is medium.
The rating of the slot machine for the wager is 5.24 out of 10.
The probability of a hit any win is 24.46%.
The distribution of winnings is 100% in the main game.
The maximum win during the tests is 400 bets.
The winning percentage (RTP) of 96.15% does not allow you to get a positive expectation of winning.

Secrets of the slot machine

The rate: Optimal rates for this gaming machine are considered average,namely those that do not exceed 70 credits for spin and more than 20 credits. Choose any bet from this range that matches your bankroll. Do it for the maximum number of starts. The more time you spend for the game process, the steeper the payments.

Option Re-spin: The additional function is launched quite often, but it will be difficult to influence it. Note that it’s better to play one bet at a time, and then this bonus is activated more often. And when playing at low rates, he issues wins with high frequency (every 2-3 starts), and at high – with low (5-10 spins).